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What is the Yumalite

Sota's Yumalite is a device that offers the health benefits when you are suffering from a lack of sun exposure. The modern technology of LED light  is applied gently to the eyes by wearing a visor that is technologically designed for ease of use, comfort and your health and wellbeing benefits.


What situations can Yumalight be helpful for

  • Times of decreased natural light exposure
  • Reduced daylight in winter
  • Working nighshifts
  • Time zone changes
  • Working indoors
  • Spending time on computers and other blue light technology
  • Re-syncronising your body to it's natural rythms
  • Restoring you mood and revitalising energy levels


In addition to the white light the red light function helps to balance exposure to blue light when we have been exposed to prolonged use of computers or cell phone screens as well as flat screen TV's. Many forms of artificial white light also contain higher levels of blue light than the red spectrum, this causes over stimulation affecting our circadian rythms and sleep patterns. Resoration of our natural rythms and sleep patterns can be apparent with the exposure to Yumalites red light setting. The red light setting helps diminish the blue light effects.

Yumalite is a simple way to bringing some sunshine into your life.

The difference between Yumalite 1 and Yumalite 2

Yumalite 2 is our latest model featuring a 20 minute timer as well as a sturdier head band and more simplified battery replacement.


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