SOTA Magnetic Pulser MP6 | An Official Retailer

  • SOTA Magnetic Pulser MP6 | An Official Retailer
  • SOTA Magnetic Pulser MP6 | An Official Retailer
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Sota Magnetic Pulser MP6

The Magnetic Pulser MP6 is sota's new two speed model. It offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body’s natural electricity for health and wellbeing.

Fast Mode: The Fast Mode has 1,600 pulses per timed session with an output at the coil face of 2,500 Gauss. Pulses are delivered approximately every second.

Regular Mode: The Regular Mode has 255 pulses per timed session with an output at the coil face of 6,000 Gauss for deeper penetration. Pulses are delivered approximately every five seconds.

The Magnetic Pulser is a professionally designed quality unit, very rugged and built to last, the machines are thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate per specifications.

  • Easy to use
  • Two speed settings to choose from
  • Automatic Timer for 20 minute sessions that switches it's self off
  • Bio North Pole identified
  • UK or European mains adaptor included



How to use the Magnetic Pulser: The pulsed magnetic field creates a flow of electrons. The Hand Paddle of the Magnetic Pulser can be held over any area to generate microcurrents. It penetrates through clothing so it can be used while fully clothed.

Bio-North Magnetic Pole Polarity (-) or South-Seeking is clearly identified on one side of the pulsing coil. This gives the user the choice of applying either Bio-North (-) or Bio-South (+) pole energy to the site.

The Magnetic Pulser by Sota Instruments is a pulsed magnetic field  generator that is professionally designed, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications of the famous physicists patent.

Through the principle of induction, this magnetic field creates tiny electrical micro-currents in living organic materials that contain an electrolyte such as saline. The Magnetic Pulser requires no direct physical contact, but the effect is increased by direct contact.  The rapid ON and OFF pulse of the  Magnetic Pulser produces frequency harmonics and moves charged particles in fluids.

The MP6 operates under a different principle than products using permanent magnets that have a steady, unchanging magnetic field.  The Magnetic Pulser is part of highly acclaimed basic wellness kit that also includes our Silver Pulser and Water Ozonator.

The Magnetic Pulser is not designed to affect the entire body at one time; instead, the round applicator coil is used to target specific local areas of the body.  Pet owners especially appreciate the magnetic pulser's non-invasive applicator.  There is never any sensation or electrical shock when using the magnetic pulser.  The applicator head is clearly marked for positive and negative polarities.  The side of the applicator displaying the Sota Instruments logo is positive polarity and the opposite side is labeled as negative North Pole.  In most cases, the negative North polarity is suggested as it is a constricting or confining energy, whereas the positive polarity is said to stimulate activity and growth.

The MP6 comes with a power adapter included.


The opinions stated are the views of Cytodoc and do not represent the opinion of SOTA Instruments. The SOTA units are classified as Consumer Products designed to be used as part of a Wellness Lifestyle. The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units, has not been approved by any government agency. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition. Results are not typical.

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