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Introductory price until September 15, 2019 The LightWorks Pad by SOTA offers the health benefits of both Red and Near Infrared (NIR) LED light in an easy-to-use flexible pad that can be applied almost anywhere on the body. The Light..
Ex Tax: £170.83
Sota Silver Pulser SP7 Silver Pulser SP7 from Sota is our current model and it ships FREE to the UK. Shipping costs just £20 to European and most other destinations. The SP7 comes with a USB connection. This model features new circuitry for b..
Ex Tax: £280.83
Sota Magnetic Pulser MP6 The Magnetic Pulser MP6 is sota's new two speed model. It offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body’s natural electricity for health and wellbeing. Fast Mode: The Fast Mode has 1,600 p..
Ex Tax: £346.67
SOTA Water Ozonator Woz5 Sota Water Ozonator Woz5 will ozonate your drinking water in just 5 minutes. The Woz5 is a fast and safe means of neutralizing germs and pathogens by adding extra oxygen. A few minutes produces a refreshing glass of wa..
Ex Tax: £338.33
Sota Bio Tuner BT9 Sota Bio Tuner BT9 is the latest model and superceeds the BT8. The machine ships free to the UK and costs just £20 to European destinations. Sota Bio Tuner from Cytodoc outputs more than 500 harmonic frequencies in each ..
Ex Tax: £254.17
Sota Lightworks; what it is and how it works: The Lightworks is a professionally designed quality unit, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. The SOTA Lightworks offers the benefits of LED light combine..
Ex Tax: £258.33
What is the Yumalite Sota's Yumalite is a device that offers the health benefits when you are suffering from a lack of sun exposure. The modern technology of LED light  is applied gently to the eyes by wearing a visor that is technologica..
Ex Tax: £54.17
Sota Basic Wellness Kit Includes: Silver Pulser SP7 The Silver Pulser SP7 is the main part of the Sota Instruments 'basic wellness kit' that also includes the Magnetic Pulser and Water Ozonator.   Features include a built-in ..
Ex Tax: £917.54
Sota Instruments Relaxation and Wellness Kit brings you a great pckage with a really good financial saving. The Magnetic Pulser, Silver Pulser and Water Ozonator as well as the Bio Tuner. Sota's quality products that you can trust all come with a ..
Ex Tax: £1,135.25
Sota instruments premium wellness kit The whole mighty range at your fingertips, join the elite with these fantasticly built machines that may well last you a lifetime. The SOTA Premium Wellness Kit includes the six SOTA units:  1..
Ex Tax: £1,633.21
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