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A great solution to clean water for your home. This Reverse Osmosis system can produce upto 50 Gallons per day ensuring every drop of water that you consume is of top quality and will help to nurture your biology! The Cytodoc Reverse Osmosis Syste..
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The activated charcoal shower filter from cytodoc, helps keep you safe from the damage of chlorine and other water born chemicals, they are simple to fit, very affordable and a great asset to maintaining heathy skin and good health in general. The..
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CytoDoc – Scaler energy protection devices for mobile phones, tablets and electrical devices. This device can also be used for energising water.   History of Scalar Energy  The discovery of Scalar Energy can be attribute..
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Just put the stich in your water jug or bottle, agitate it for a few seconds and leave for a short while. On drinking the water you'll notice how lovely and soft it tastes, the PH level will also shoot up to 8.6 or more. Here's a very inexpensive ..
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Water Distiller Cleaning Crystals Your distiller comes supplied with a 250g bottle of cleaner. This is the larger 500g bottle to use when your existing one runs out, great value! Megahome Water Distiller available in different colours 'Cl..
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