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For man or woman - larger size 21cm Beautiful stainless steel scalar magnetic energy bracelet with a heart shaped design. Health energy is germanium stone. The magnetic stones works on the arteries around the wrist which magnets improv..
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The product A high quality cotton product with woven silver threads throughout that conduct the schumann resonance, product comes with UK plug and lead. This particular size of sheet fits all beds from single to super king size. Product size i..
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CytoDoc – Scaler energy protection devices for mobile phones, tablets and electrical devices. This device can also be used for energising water.   History of Scalar Energy  The discovery of Scalar Energy can be attribute..
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A high polished stainless steel plated energy bracelet with six words. Health energy stone is magnetic.   The magnetic stones works on the arteries around the wrist which magnets improve the circulatory system and blood flow.  Th..
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What is the Yumalite Sota's Yumalite is a device that offers the health benefits when you are suffering from a lack of sun exposure. The modern technology of LED light  is applied gently to the eyes by wearing a visor that is technologica..
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